California Spyder Inventory

330 GT 2+2 Vin# 6515

No serial number SWB Body sold to Brad McKernan

# 6511 SWB 330 sold to Larry Wilson

# 1809 LWB Under Construction 250 engine

# 6515 SWB 330

# 5263 SWB Super Spyder 456 Engine / Tremack 5 Speed Trans. / Heavy Duty Diffs.

# 5917 SWB 575 Super Spyder Engine / Tremack 6 speed Trans. / Heavy Duty Diffs.

#4337 SWB 250 Engine / Ex Piper - SOLD

#5271 LWB Org. Chassis

#2317 GT Org. Chassis

#No. SWB Org. Chassis

Design and parts kit to build your own

Cal spyder Sub frame kits CAD design $ 8k
Cal spyder windshield frame and glass kit $2950.00
*Available now: New 250/330 CAD design chassis. Optional 4130 oval tube or .125 miled steel. Mustang II front end option for Restomods. Call for estimate.

We use “roelof” for new engine builds featuring 3.0 & 3.8 L 250 style engines with three 46mm carbs. Power output is 326 Horse Power with 371 foot pounds of torque. Includes run in on Dyno + electronic ignition 
*GTO 6 carb org. engines available.








Purchase Program

Deposit #1 buy's completely rebuilt chassis and all mechanical with the title.

Deposit #2 Body is installed and painted. This is when you pick paint color.

Final payment. Mechanicals are installed. Wiring harness, fuel tank installed.
Upholstery is finish up, this is when you pick interior color.

We get a lot of calls for our cars from people that think they are in $200k range.

O*Our cars are real Ferrari 250 or 330 alloy rebodies.

Current 250 restorable cars are $300K + and 330's are not far behind. We choose to not use restorable 250's or 330's as donor cars. It is of our opinion there are no good candidates left to rebody. We know as we have scrounged all over the world for the ones that we have. We are nearing the time when a Cal Spyder will be a REPLICA. All of the reproduction mechanicals are now on the market. We have collected enough serial # donor cars for 9 cars and have sold 5. Only four left!

Options are:

250 SWB/ LWB with 3.8 liter engine. 995K

250 SWB/LWB 3.0 liter engine. 985K

330 SWB. with 4.0 liter engine. 935K

330 SWB Super Spyder with 456 fuel injected engine. Tremac 5 speed heavy duty diff., 9 and 10 in. Borani wheels 985K

330 SWB Super Spyder with 575 fuel injected engine. Tremor 6 speed alloy 9 in. diff., 9 and 10 in. Borani wheels, custom body. 995K

If you want to delete the heater , side glass,and top take $35k off of the above prices.


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