California Spyder

Bob Norwood

Bob Norwood: The Man Behind The Car

Legendary in the automotive world, Bob Norwood has spent the last 30 years restoring and servicing vintage Ferraris, incorporating innovative developments into high-performance automotive design.
Drawing on his own racing background, Bob founded Norwood Autocraft in Dallas, Texas. With a passion for Ferraris, he began by restoring a Ferrari 330 2+2 road car and a Boano Ferrari club racer.

Norwood then built his first Ferrari replica, a 59/TR (Testarossa), and went on to build four more. He has since built numerous Ferrari replicas, including the 330/P4 and the 308 GTO rebody, which was the first with programmable fuel injection.  That car set still-standing class speed records on the Bonneville Salt Flats. His Ferrari 288 GTO rebody still holds the record as the fastest Ferrari in the world, and his stock intercooled twin turbo Ferrari Testarossa won the Road & Track Shootout.

After years of building P4 replicas, GTO rebodies, and 250 Testrossa 59’s, Norwood decided to build the 250 GT SWB Spyder.  Although he had used the 250 chassis for the base of the TR 59’s, availability of the 250 was very limited and too expensive to be used as a donor car. On the other hand, the 330 chassis, with all the correct mechanicals to build a GT 250 California, was more available and affordable.

Using technology that was previously unavailable, Norwood was able to scan an original concours GT 250 California Spyder, and using a chassis jig, shortened the 330’s 2+2 configuration to SWB Ferrari length. Production of the 250 GT SWB California Spyder is nearing completion and will offer Ferrari collectors a more affordable opportunity to own a Spyder.

In addition to his own projects, Norwood builds race and street motors for several racing teams and is the leading service and restoration provider for Ferrari collectors/owners around the world.


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